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Turkmenistan Tours

We invite you to explore Turkmenistan in all its colors. It is an amazing country with various and beautiful nature, historical monuments and exceptional sites. You can combine your tour in Turkmenistan with other countries in Central Asia like Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan and make an amazing Silk Road tour. It is good to start your travelling in Turkmenistan from Ashgabat, the capital city with a big amount of marble constructions. You can continue with travelling to its ancient cities of Mary, Merv, Kunya Urgench and visit spectacular Gas crater called Darwaza. Besides there are many interesting places to visit like the shore of Caspian Sea, Yangikala canyons and many others. You will have wonderful emotions and great experience.

Miracle scenery
Turkmenistan has a huge tourist potential, as there are many wonderful natural places on the territory of the state, as well as preserved ancient settlements. This country is one of the most beautiful Central Asian countries with a rich landscape and numerous historical and archaeological sites. It has a great tourist potential. During this tour you will explore Ashgabat, Underground Lake- Kow-Ata, Nokhur and Darwaza. More...
Period: 6 days
Highlights: Ashgabat, Kow-Ata, Nokhur, Darwaza

Miracle scenery, Turkmenistan Tours

Turkmenistan Adventures
In Turkmenistan, they honor ancient traditions, walk on fun national holidays in honor of the birth of a child or harvest, and at the same time build modern cities, develop industry. In course of the tour you will visit capital Ashgabat, wonderful Lake-Kow-Ata, Darwaza. More...
Period: 7 days
Highlights: Ashgabat, Kow-ata, Nokhur, Darwaza, Merv, Mary, Nisa

Turkmenistan Adventures

Paradise path
Turkmenistan is a country at the sight of which everything will sparkle with bright colors, show its natural beauty and tell many fascinating stories. In course of the tour you will discover amazing Ashgabat, Kow-Ata, Nokhur and other interesting places. More...
Period: 8 days
Highlights: Ashgabat, Kow-Ata, Nokhur, Dashoguz, Mary, Merv, Nisa

Paradise Path, Turkmenistan Tours

Incredible adventure in Turkmenistan
If you want to explore picturesque landscapes, to see the fire crater with your own eyes and admire the beauty of architectural monuments, you should visit this beautiful country. Turkmenistan is very fascinating land with its history. During this tour you will discover amazing Ashgabat, gas crater Darwaza, and discover the historical place Kune Urgench. More...
Period: 4 days
Highlights: Ashgabat, Darwaza, Dashgouz, Kune Urgench

 Incredible adventure in Turkmenistan

Hidden charms
Turkmenistan is wonderful country with its attractions. The country holds many mysteries and secrets. You can see a lot of unique natural sights in the country. During the tour you will explore capital Ashgabat, Nokhur village, underground lake Kow-ata and many other interesting sites. More...
Period: 4 days
Highlights: Ashgabat, Nokhur, Kow-Ata

Hidden Charms, Turkmenistan Tours

Delicacy of the East
Turkmenistan is exotic and at the same time, completely closed from prying eyes. There are many legends and absolutely incredible myths about it. In course of the tour you will feast your eyes with incredible archeological monuments, as well as modern parts of the city.  More...
Period: 5 days
Highlights: Ashgabat, Kow-Ata, Nokhur, Koytendag

Delicacy of the East, Turkmenistan Tours

Charm of nature
Turkmenistan is stunning country. This country is rich with amazing monuments, white marble buildings, historical masterpieces and other interesting places. In your tour you will explore amazing Ashgabat, see tribes Nokhur, visit underground lake Kow-Ata, and admire the magnificent mountains Koytendag. More...
Period: 6 days
Highlights: Ashgabat, Kow-Ata, Nokhur, Kerki, Koytendag

Charm of nature, Turkmenistan Tours

Ineffable landscapes of Turkmenistan
In this tour you will take a pleasure from marveling the highlights of Turkmenistan. You should discover this fabulous country; enjoy walking around stunning places. In your tour you will discover charming Ashgabat, Nokhur village, Koytendag and many other interesting places. More...
Period: 7 days
Highlights: Ashgabat, Kow-Ata, Nokhur, Kerki,Koytendag, Yangikala Canyon

Ineffable landscapes of Turkmenistan