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Arashan. Aygyr-zhal area village, district Chatkal, of Jalalabad. Taste Yrsaaly - caretaker. Spring - a sacred place. At the foot of the mountain, located on the west side of the village Aygyr tips. At a distance of a 1-meter, two springs, and cold - warm. Water from this source is very useful to the internal organs. Water from this source, drink. Local people swim in water this spring. Occasionally, we crossed the cattle close to the source, sacrifice. Here, women can not stand it is a disease of the human skin.

Arkyt. The village is conveniently located, is relatively well preserved, but it looks very nice. sary visitors overlooking the river charming and the surrounding mountains Chelek reserve is a good starting point for performing wild animals, there is no traffic, most friendly people, fresh food, the summer is relatively cool.


Round 002: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

11 days period:


Day 1: Take a flight to Bishkek, you are placed in the hotel, you will have a meal. There is a round of selection or included but can be trekking trekking day -Archa, which is located in 45 km from Bishkek, the administrative center of the basic Bishkek, Historical Museum, gift shop, market, or I made you. You will be transported back to Bishkek trying to eat in the fresh air. In the evening, try to eat and spend the night in the mountains of Asia.

Day 2: After breakfast fun, we started trekking round of Bishkek on a plane of Oguz valley beyond. Breakfast. Along the coast lake Ishikukuru early morning transfer to the lower -Oguz valley (370 km). Dinner. Beautiful is known as the "Seven Bulls", trekking in the "broken heart" and well-known red rock. (Milk of mares excitement) Test Kymyz. Dinner is configured on the road. placement of yurtas. In the evening, spend the night in the tent of the "Valley of Flowers" and try to eat. (2.200 m).

Tilety pass through -Oguz and trekking to the Valley: Day 3. Breakfast. Shepherd and trekking on the 16 Kiropasu Tilety. Dinner. Shelter in the camp. Dinner. (3200 m).

Day 4: In the Path Tilety, we then passed on to the city of Karakol gorge. Breakfast. Will lead three hours of trekking round, crossing paths Tilety (3800 meters) to Karakol gorge. Dinner. 10 km trekking the ancient nomadic way of nomadic tent encampment along the other stop. Dinner. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Day 5: We will be trekking in the Valley of Karakol. Breakfast. Short trekking to 8 km from the camp of Valley residents Karakol. Dinner is configured on the road. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.

Day 6: After breakfast fun, we started a round of trekking in Karakol gorge on Keldyke canyon. Breakfast. Trekking (3600 m) is more than 70 meters and beauty in Mountain Lake Kryla-KUL. On the shores of the lake, we are please refer to the beautiful glacier, which is the source of the lake. -KUL trekking path through the (3860 m) on canyon Keldyke. Dinner. Including the peak of the peak Djigit Tashtanbek Karakol, and peak - to pass from a large representation of 5000 m, reaching a maximum stealth covered. Camp is waiting for you in this beautiful place, surrounded by some of the rocks from the flow of the stream from the glacier. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.

Day 7: We passed from the canyon of Keldyke Karakol. Breakfast. 4 hours of trekking in the Altyn-Arashan (2450 m). Dinner. Bathing in the hot springs. You have to open during the day Pikuparatoka Karakol (tent, 5260 m), or. Night in the hotel you will spend with a dinner in the form of snow never forget the position of the Association of Bird's Nest "pass on (2 hours). In the evening.

Day 08: After breakfast fun, we started a round of Karakol of Ishikuishikukuru, trekking northern coast. Breakfast. To the coastal resorts of northern Lake Lake Ishikukuru transfer (160 km) is Ishiku • kulskim. Arrange in a small hotel. Dinner is configured on the road. Rest. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.

Day 9: We'll be trekking round Ishikukuru lake. Breakfast. Ishikukuru day. The rest is floating in a boat on the lake Ishikuishikukuru. Museum of Ethnology and visitings. Dinner. Dinner. It is a hotel that was visited by Issykl-KUL for overnight.

Passed to the (250 km) Bishkek: Day 10. Dinner. Middle, • Burana tower of the ancient city Balasagun - please refer to the (13 CC 11). Evening, you will have a dinner, I will spend the night in the hotel.

Are transferred to the airport in the morning: Day 11.



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Kyrgyzstan travel and tour
Kyrgyzstan trip and travel
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Tours and trips Kyrgyzstan
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