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Mountains in the south bridge at, the inner Tien Shan Mountains. Hashitani north of the southern Basin and Aksai Chatyrkelskoy syrts on V.-S.-V. extending from Z.-YU.-Z. are separated. Length of 135 km, height up to 4786 m heavy Paleozoic metamorphic schist, limestone, sandstone, igneous rock some (granite, syenite) up. Subnival landscape is dominated by meadows and mountain ridges form glacial ice, modern (. Surface area of ​​about 150 square kilometers).


(1738, Full Name born attack Batyr Tynaev BIY Uulu) attack is BIY - BIY was administered tribal sarybagysh Chui Valley in the second half of the 18th century.

 During the year 1718-1722, I recorded a khanate in the river Chu and Talas Jun gal in the land of Kyrgyzstan Priissykule. Begyt southern Kyrgyzstan, leaving their property. Near the current city of Andijan, Kyrgyz tribe, led by the father of an attacker, BIY fence, in agriculture, was left in the Syr Darya river.





Round 001: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

14-day period:

Will guide you to see as "Manas" International Airport will arrive: Day 1. You will be accompanied by Bishkek city. Then we will have a breakfast. After dinner (on the sea level. 1900 m) engine to Konkemin valley. After placing dinner, and arrive at a traditional hotel.

Transfer (trek starting point, 2.000 m) from Klevera-Suu Valley -Kemin river Day 2:. Dinner is on the road. Suu Kyi love clover valley trekking down (2350 m. 6-7 hours) to. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 3: In the morning will begin to go into the valley of love Qi Cholpon-Ata river Kawakita (2550 m, 6 hours) of. Dinner is on the road. You will spend the night in tents.

Suu Kyi under AK-Western camp trekking Cholpon • Northern Rivers Ata glacier (3.000 m, 3-4 hours.) Of Day 4.

Breakfast Day 5:. AK-trekking path Suu Kyi Chung-AK-AK-Suu valley western (3066 m. 6-7 time) through (4 054 m). In the evening, we are planning to submit the dinner. In the evening I will spend the night in tents.

Will start in the morning will pass through Chung-AK-Suu river (375 m 2, 4:00 am) through the valley of the Day 6:. Dinner is on the road.

Trekking to gorge Grigor'evka Chung-AK-Suu valley Day 07:. Built in the Soviet era, transfer about north bank Ishikuishikukuru lake in the area of ​​Blanc • Sogotu One of the largest hotel is located in Ishikukuru, of Aurora hotel Ishikukuru is reminiscent of the era of the end of history and architecture (kg was 160). In the evening, dinner is expected to be submitted to the hotel (1609 m).

Breakfast Day 8:. It is the day of rest. Ishikuishikukuru with the rest of the Lake, a floating leisure. Dinner is on the road. In the evening I will spend the night in Aurora Kuishi Isidore quoted.

Day 9: Lake Lake to Syna-KUL engine in the morning (at a distance of 300 km from Blanc-Sogotu, Kalmak • Ash Kochkor village and through the (3250 m), 6-7 hours) Ishikuishikukuru lake to lake. Dinner is on the road. placement of yurtas.

Trekking, about 5-6 hours along the east and south sides of the north coast round Syna-KUL: Day 10. In the evening, we are planning to submit the dinner. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 11: In the morning, we will start about 5-6 hours to go beneath the northern coast of the lake in the south of the east coast. Place the free time at the lake. Dinner is on the road. I go to the lake and the rest. In the evening, we are planning to submit the dinner.

Day 12: Through the Kochkor path to Bishkek (365 km). Middle tower, visiting the Burana (11th century), Callahan empire in Central Asia remain. In the evening, you will spend nights hotel (800 meters) in the "AK-Keme.

Breakfast Day 13:. Round the city of Bishkek. Museum visits, market, gift shop. Resort. Dinner and dinner in the city. First, I will spend the night in the Ak-Keme "hotel.

Day 14: your guide, I meet you at the hotel and transferred to the "Manas" International Airport and then.

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Kyrgyzstan trip and travel
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Tours and trips Kyrgyzstan
Travels and tours Kyrgyzstan
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