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 Development code name of the road network is a medieval Silk Road, the ancient and, to perform the trade and economic relations between East and West was between civilizations of the ancient world - (China) Han and Roman (Byzantine) The Empire.

 Chanyani start its journey from the edge of a new era and ancient caravans from China, I went to Dukhua - border town of the Great Wall. North and South: The cost of this route in two ways.

 (Davan) are applied in Central Asia (Samarkand, Measure) the Fergana Valley, - then, "The Way of the North" is carried out in the south slope of Tianshan and the Tarim River in Turpan, and Kashgar led to Arai and the lower Volga River in the northern part of the Black Sea region (from the source of China - Lixian). It has become a local Greek colony. The road was not a trade route has been established.





Round 004: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

13 days period:


Driving Gulcho that I go to (170 km) 3-hour drive from : Day 1. Moves through the (2400 m) path Chiyrchyck. Dinner is on the road. In the afternoon, I arrived in the village Chona Karakol. Please check the package and bag horse. Short journey through the path Chagyr. You Kyzyl - will spend the night in the tent of Arai.

Day 2: Kyzyl your breakfast, we then - is scheduled to be submitted at seven in the morning to start a round of trekking in the rough, juniper trees and fur repeat the journey through the woods and mountain Grant, along the river. You will spend the night in the tent before the path Agachart.

Day 3: Round morning excursion starts from the intersection of the path Agachart (3700 m). After crossing the path expression can see Arai mountain surprising. Clover Suu valley trekking through Taldyk reach. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

Day 4: After breakfast fun, we started a round of trekking along the valley from Taldyk Clover Suu Kyi. After two hours of driving, you'll spread of Lenin peak from the east of the Pamir mountains of both Arai Arai • people, to the west, is surprised by the almost 100 km passing through your plateau. Pamir mountain range of about 20 miles • Arai. Dinner is configured on the road. You will be able to display a range of huge glaciers and peaks of Lenin clearly. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

Night parking Balykjuugan valley: to a small lake, and continue to move from Paradise Farm, on the north side Dark Red

Day 5: Your dinner is scheduled to be submitted at 19:00, clover valley near Suu Kyi, to transfer the very farm in the mountains, we start trekking round the hill a little. You will spend the night in the tent of Korumduu Chukur.

Day 6: Your breakfast is scheduled to submit your round of trekking at 7:00 the next day, own sauna, a Turkish bath, in the evening, sary Gol valley village in the house of the local I go to Korumduu. You will test the rural life of the mountain that has been focused on the cultivation of horned cattle mainly. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 7: After breakfast fun, start a round of trekking on the Gol, we sary village you cross the river Kyzyl - big (sometimes on the bridge) Aung San Suu Kyi. Trekking through Scarlett arrived on the farm Kyzylsky Tyryk plateau. Dinner is configured on the road. Shepherd's tent at night with family and on the farm.

Day 8: arriving at the mountain lake in the morning that your Tulpar Coles, there, start a round of horse trekking to Turuk step. Dinner on the lake. In the afternoon, travel to the valley to the IST-Sajde (3600 m) at the time of Lenin base camp. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 9: After breakfast in your 7:00, starting from base camp to Lenin, which is scheduled to be submitted trekking round. Journey to the (3600 m) the first camp. Leaving the horse, here starts the trek to the foot of his (3700 m) near the second camp. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

Day 10: After breakfast we start fun, you will be returned to the Gol sary village on the west side of the Alai mountain and base camp trekking round of Lenin. Dinner is configured on the road. Your dinner will be submitted at 19:00, evening sary village are organized in the tent of Gol.

Day 11: Breakfast is scheduled to be submitted to the 7:00 back to . I also stayed at the hotel to relax. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

In the morning flight back to Bishkek: Day 12. Dinner is scheduled to be submitted at the hotel at 19:00.

Day 13: To strengthen Toktogula Chychkan through the valley, in the end, Ash arrived in Bishkek, and • Kara Balta, engine and wing bell Suusamyr after breakfast. (6-7 hours per village is very good).



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