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Red Wolf. Add a medium-sized dog and predator. Length is short about one meter, half tail. Big coat in the winter is a particularly fat. Red ocher clay that has been painted, I rusty gray. I have another high kick from Fox red dog. Wolf - small size and coloring. I lowered the fluffy tail - dog.

 Ghosn was conducted in January and February. In April, there is a puppy.

 Day of hunting, I often form flocks often. I can not it to attack the livestock of the extreme shortage of work for serious damage.



Otter. He is water, I live in the water. Rodents, fish, mollusks, insects, frogs, snakes, chickens, birds and: It eats aquatic plants and wetland wildlife. It, dive and swim. We will jump by moving the country. Torpedo body reaches a length of 70-90 cm





Round 003: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

13 days period:

Please do a short distance to Canyon Barskoon: Day 1. We will tell you about 5-6 km. Was dispersed and cargo training of horses, we started that you choose our way through the woods along the Sasyk Bulak valley. Engine from Kokkudobo Sasyk Bulak. :15-20 miles distance. Time Time :4-5. At noon I will have a meal. In the evening, we are planning to submit the dinner. I'm in a tent along the wide river Kechuu overnight.

Day 2: After breakfast fun, we begin our journey round of trekking along the wide river Kechuu continues to slowly transfer to Kungoi Artin (3400 km). You'll be surprised at the lake completely Ishikukuru representation. :25-35 miles distance. Time Time :4-5. At noon I will have a meal. A tent overnight.

Day 3: Today, we begin the migration path to Tosor Tosor (3900 m) from the river. Truly magical landscape - height of 4000 m all-round Valley - mountains in the background Kerege wide variety of snow. 35-40 miles: distance. Time Time :5-6. I'm supposed to Emchek valley (3400 m) Oh overnight. In the evening, we are planning to submit the dinner. A tent overnight.

Day 4: After breakfast, UCH-Emchek wide valley trekking down, please refer to the casual yurta we. We can separate the yak herd of goats, horses, cattle, sheep and Pets - all here. The hot sauce over the valley 洙峡 Jyluu Uiri Suu Kyi from UCH-Emchek. Here, in the spring, I will continue to focus on the bath. And dinner, suddenly in a tent in Hot Springs soo Jyluu. 35-40 miles: distance. Time Time :5-6.

Day 5: After breakfast fun, we started a round of trekking along the river Balgart Uiri Suu Kyi. You will be amazed to landscape of the mountains of snow with its spirit does not. I'm supposed to Archaly bridge overnight. At noon I will have a meal. A tent overnight.

Day 6: After breakfast, we will strengthen Archaly Nalin • • trekking from the bridge along the river Sue. And dinner in the tent, suddenly there Oruk-valley. It is beginning to appear in the area round bushes and trees. 35-40 km: distance. Time of 4-5 hours.

We will start trekking to Саре-Kungoi round wood in the morning from Oruk Day 7:. You will be amazed every time a change of scenery. Although we are also some can meet some of the shepherd. you can make, it is taken here. :30-40 miles distance. Time Time :4-5. A tent overnight.

Day 08: Today begins from there to the valley trekking Oruk-. Test the real kumuz svivaete ball in front of you, it would be kept in yurtas their welcome. You dinner depending on the type of technology and grass and plant preparation, you will feel the difference in taste of Ishikukuru "kumuz and Nalin camels on the site may be a shepherd to you, which is arranged in such a manner as will be shown . Masu distance: 35 -40 miles at noon time :4-5 hours at night to try to eat, there are plans to dinner one night in the tent is submitted.

Day 9: To start a round of trekking through the valley of Ecki-chat, how we вкраплял timber area will be displayed. Here, across the Chunkur-Suu. About the site is in the valley of the shepherds Baiduluu overnight. It is the height of 2900 meters. Above sea level. 35-40 miles: distance. Time Time :4-5. In the evening, we are planning to submit the dinner. A tent overnight.

Day 10: After breakfast fun, we started trekking round on the Valley cock-Kaptal. By the way, you will arrive at Boruluu when it comes to crossing the road Balykchy-Нарын. You will spend the night talking about winter and shepherd Boruluu you stable. 35-40 miles: distance. Time Time :4-5.

Went down on the path on the stealth-Torpok after trekking the path (on the 3 020 m above sea level) Trekking Korgoo: Breakfast Day 11. Valley is covered with dense trees of many trees and bushes. At the foot of the Pastells-Torpok overnight. At noon I will have a meal. This location, such as "32" inquiry shepherd. A tent overnight.

Day 12: Trekking Round and pastel graphics-Torpok (3033 m above sea level), today we arrived at the lake Synu-KUL. Has become wide-Tulga on site overnight shepherd. And dinner in the tent, suddenly.

Day 13: You will be trekking, trekking round the Syna-KUL lake. As was the custom in principle, but the festival each year is spent on Сыне-KUL. You will be able to participate in this festival. At noon I will have a meal. A tent overnight.

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