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Please wear. Shan brown bear.

 The length of the body 1.5 to 2 m has reached the weight of 150 ~ 200 kg. Light for nail, it also has been called, and white nail mainly due to the powerful front legs. Brown bears tend to live in mountainous areas. In the summer, he went back to the line of the forest where there is more food.

 Omnivorous. I eat fruit chew excavation of the ear, bulbs, tubers, roots, berry collecting, nuts, juicy, and fresh grass. Animals.Catching bear frogs, lizards, rodents, birds, ungulates is switched in the absence of vegetable food. Dig a hole to a depth of 1 meter food, worms, larvae, insects, reach for the Marmot. you can find them, and turn the stones and rotten stump. Please do not hesitate to carrion. Most prefer the honey. Prikopat svezhatinku it pulls easily ruin even if the well is supplied. The main supply of fat that is stored in a bear during August - September, at the expense of fruit and berries

 More comfortable in the roots of the niche in cliffs.Fits, the forest near the rock to hibernate there in the mountains of November and December. At least, in January usually lays two bear couple - a boy growing up under the weight of just 500 grams up to 10 years. I live to be 50 years old.

 I do not attack applied in good faith, the people.

 It has been included in the Red Book of Kyrgyzstan.





Round 001: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

12 days period:

We start the trip operated at Boz-Uchuck Village130 kilometers from Noto Barskoon Karakol city in the morning: the first day. Outside of the first adventure begins after dinner. Bose • Uchuk top through the woods. Three times you will be across the top of the Bose • Uchuk river front in order to increase the pass (3362 m) Bose • Uchuk. Distance of 20-25 km. Dinner and overnight is in tents.

Day 2: We shepherds, your breakfast is scheduled to be submitted to the trekking at 7:00 through jailoo Kiya Turgon cock • Canyon and usually a place for cattle on natural pasture. You will learn about Kyrgyz nomads reasonable. Distance of 25-30 km. Time Time :5-6. Dinner is configured on the road. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Trekking round on the river-Karakyr Ottuk cock • Pass and Kiya (3822 m) Day 3:. I pass the beautiful scenery of Tjan-Shanja us from the top of the mountain. A tent overnight.

Round morning excursion on the river and narrow canyon Ottyk: Day 4. You will be across the river Maisaz jailoo Koiluu Pass Torpu (3 550 m). Distance of 25-35 km. Time Time :5-6. Plan to submit your dinner 19:00

Day 5: After breakfast fun, we started trekking round of the 760 meters and three pass Kurusai Maisaz. We then crossed the Taldysuu. In addition, if you are successful, you can see the Marco Polo • mountain goat and sheep. The distance is 30 km. Time Time :5-6. Plan to submit your dinner 19:00

Trekking near to Taldy • • Sue Chung Taldy-Suu Kyi きち our way, that you will be surprised by the beauty of this valley in the morning: the sixth day. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Day 7: in the seventh round amTrekking, from trekking valley Terecti'll be you will be surprised by the beautiful landscape of juniper poplar, elegant, your breakfast you've come to the Engilchek village on the way to Saryjaz river It is scheduled to be submitted. Distance of 25-30 km. Time Time :5-6. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Day 08: Your breakfast will be submitted in at 7:00 in the morning, we started to trek round and Eckichat Achator from Sarytor. Dinner is configured on the road. 25-35 km distance. Time Time :5-6.

Day 9:. Morning of trekking round will meet here in yak shepherd for hunting and photo (3700 m) to about Kyzylsky Ekichat path. Please do not try to catch a yak. Bashkol a mountain lake as a fine diamond ring, surrounded by snow on the top of a mountain. Your dinner will be submitted at 19:00, the evening has been organized in a tent.

Day 10: After breakfast fun, we started trekking round Bashkol- to pass (3700 m). Eckichat jailoo (grassland). Distance of 25-30 km. Time Time :5-6.

Day 11: Breakfast, is scheduled to be submitted to the valley of 7 amTrekking Terecti round. Distance of 25-30 km. Time Time :5-6. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Day 12: Our horsemanship, to do your Barskoon and meet in the car in the morning, Engilchek Terecti village valley on the left. To absorb water bath. Stored in the house for dinner and night.

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