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 Eshaliev Sagynbek caretaker. Sacred place is a set of springs and trees. It is located outside of the village BOOH-Tereku  Grozny is located at 100-150 m. There is a big tree in the middle. You, on the west side of the road, If you turn to the right Mausoleum. There are a lot of sea buckthorn bush, it is Batyr Zhanybek grave. Water flows to the base of the big tree. Spring came just three at the base of a tree. Mazar is about 1 hectare.

Oral History. Site is located near the village Klyuchevka position (AK-Debe now). To Eshaliev Sagynbek Butereku  Grozny after the superintendent was a visionary: he lived in the area. 1.5 m - His height is 5 m wide, of his body. They say he weighed about two tons.  Grozny remains Butereku brother - Baba Mazars Bostun ATA ATA, or burial Bacha  Ata in Chatkal Boztektir Adam-ATA, and the Carpathian-ATA-ATA. Butereku river and died here, and it was buried here. I began to grow a tree near the site of the tomb of the people is his worship. Over time, this place has become Mazar. Then, during the Soviet era, Russia has died after a tree felling. Two children gave such instructions and dead, he has also the order was crazy. Kozhobekova Burul clairvoyance said to be a (baby) network  Tele-boo spring it Grozny Nariste. In the spring of 328 and 124 of the baby of the Prophet. In the vicinity of the tree, and the flow downstream of the source water. If we water, replace the hands and feet of the patient cured rapidly drop.




Round 003: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

8 days period:


Day 1: Today you are transported by car from (3800 m) pass Barskoon Arabel settlement was established on the first day of the branch of the Silk Road. You will need 2-3 hours to cover the 55 km. Upon arrival, we'll get used to travel within 3 hours of fine horses and in 2 Suyek Pass (4028 m). Dinner is submitted at 19:00, it will spend the night in tents.

Day 2: After you have made the building of the Valley of the trekking trip to breakfast Suyek Cholok-Rocky Top River Crossing Taragay. 25-30 km distance. Time Time :5-6. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 3: After breakfast fun, we Cholok-Top Rocky River Kara - Canyion of Yshtyk - start of trekking round the valley of Sai. Dinner is configured on the road. 25-30 km distance. Time Time :4-5. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 4: your breakfast is scheduled to be presented at 7:00 at the beginning of the canyon trekking in Canyon Yshtyk AK-Shyyrak. The distance is 40 km. Time Time :5-6. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

Day 5: After breakfast fun, we started trekking round the beautiful valley of the river Baralbas. After dinner, in addition to camping trekking round the back. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

AK-Shyyrak trekking the canyon crossing the river many times: the sixth day. Dinner with the family shepherd. Rhino - Kara and valleys Kyrtash travel. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 7: - with Rhino, Morning • Round of trekking on the AK-Αελλ (3833 meters) - Kara Bridge Valley Kumtor. I'm supposed to Taragay river overnight. Dinner is configured on the road. The distance is 40 km. Time time :6-7. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

Day 08: your breakfast is scheduled to be presented at 7:00 in the morning round Taragay, please split it up into Valley Maitor. Distance - which means that you will cover 15-20 miles, it takes 2-3 hours for you, you will be transported by car to the village Barskoon. After that, you will have a great potential that is floating in a local hot spring water. Here, we will spend the night in a small hotel convenient private.



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