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Mink, USA. In addition, the link to the river swimming and diving, I eat semi-aquatic plants  aquatic, fish, mice, frogs.

 Suit in the pits and voids and burrows cliff, between the roots.

 Size is comparable to that of a raccoon. Body and tail of 45 cm - 25 silky coat of nose to tip of tail up to dark brown.

Nutria (coypu). From South America. As if obrublena as musk rat, is a semi-aquatic lifestyle.The face huge. Naked tail covered with scales of a circular cross-section. More than half the length of the m. Be provided free of charge just outside hind toe, swimming in the film of them.

 It eats the rhizome of the plant cattails, reeds, rushes, and in particular.

 Gently in a nest made of reeds and marsh banks Burroughs in inlet.Where nest chamber above the steep bank and sewage, comfortable rooms.

 The four boys usually 2-3 times a year to propagate.





Round 002: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

12 days period:

We went to Barskoon AK-Thredbo valley in the morning: the first day. Then you pass through the elegant wooden Yamashita beautiful snow when it comes to crossing the river Tarylga. Shepherd of congestion touching them, you will enjoy the wide-open expression of grass. Is scheduled to be submitted to 19:00, which is the tent of cock-Bulak valley overnight your dinner.

Day 2: Your dinner is scheduled to be presented at 19:00 Opekokku-Bulak, you will pass through the (pasture) jailoo Kindik when it comes to crossing the river-Jargylchak . On the lower side the road, to test the expression of Ishikuishikukuru enchanting mountain scenery and lakes when it comes to passing a surprisingly rich palette of colors. Your dinner will be submitted at 19:00, the night is organized in tents of cock-Белла valley.

Day 3: morning, cock-Беллу travel back there. Lead car where you want to welcome you with fresh water, and your way to Juuku valley. After dinner begin to live for others to Клеверу-Suu Kyi. Dinner is configured on the road. The support vehicle will be the responsibility of all food and equipment from that day. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Day 4: Breakfast at your will be submitted in the seventh round amTrekking Clover Suu Kyi, to verify the validity of the nomadic Kyrgyz people, you want to test. Before you come back every valley, I will more than some time to Clover Suu Kyi. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Day 5: Your breakfast is scheduled to be submitted to the 7 amToday, you will trek through the Valley round Juuku. You can not pay your mechanism as yours, passing through the flat part. You will pack the machine tissue paper this impressive above are invited to have a (national drink of the milk of mares was excited) "the Kymyz and dinner and that meet more than shepherd in Kyrgyzstan. To 4808 m tent has become Чона-Tash valley overnight. mountains.

Day 6: After breakfast fun, we started trekking round Juuku Pass Valley Juuku as 3633 m. Dinner is organized on the road. By the way, Jashyl ​​Coles name accordingly, you can see the lake in the name of Green Lake double. Proceed Arabel Jetim-Белл valley (3993 m) trek. A tent overnight.

Day 7: Breakfast in your river Kara - is expected to be submitted at seven in the morning trekking the river from Taragay AK-Белла (3833 m) in size. Here, it reaches to see Marco Polo • wild mountain goat and sheep. Then, in the tent and on the Kyrtash поезжайте lake overnight. Plan to submit your dinner 19:00

Day 8: Trekking to Kyrtash lake, go to the south side Baralbas, AK-Shyirak Canyon about 25 km along the river from the border with China. A tent overnight.

Day 9: Your breakfast is scheduled to be presented at 7 am, crossing the river several times, you will have a significant round of trekking through the canyon AK-Shyirak. To visit some of the shepherds, you will stop to have dinner with them. In the afternoon, Kara valley - you will be trekking to the rhino, it is a tent overnight. Plan to submit your dinner 19:00

Day 10: After breakfast fun, we started trekking round in the Valley of the Kyzyl-Eshme. In the afternoon, I'll be across the river Taragay. You will enjoy the open top through the beautiful high mountain valleys and meadows. SUEK-Suu river camp location.

Trekking, you will sary valley, you will cross the rivers and meadows for Rocky • Top from SUEK-Qi: Day 11. Here you can see a beautiful representation of the mountains on the border with China on the distance. Plan to submit your dinner 19:00

Sary valley you are starting to get rid of from the top of the rock along the alpine lake pass SUEK Okurgon-of colonel (4028 m) in the morning: Day 12. I travel back to the support of the vehicle Barskoon after dinner in the mountains. Dinner is configured on the road. Your dinner will be submitted at 19:00, the evening has been organized in yurta.

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