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The difference between the distance of 3000 m above sea level, the snow and ice and snow is not difficult to reach, especially technically. I will provide an excellent opportunity for without technical training, to perform advanced climbing too. The climate is much milder than Tianshan. The average temperature in July and August is 10 , the most rain falls in April - early June, the lowest in August and September. Distance to the base camp, it is possible to drive from the city of Osh on mountain roads above (3615 meters) Taldyk path can achieve 220 km. Taking Achik-wide rise of Lenin addition, you can choose from Kamansu valley adjacent to the top of the division. Would be to climb to safety that the time to reach the same route, to the base camp, the summer Achik-Tash, the car if you find a large number of base camp climbing from around the world Lenin Kamansu exploration and because it does not go rarely in.


Round 006: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

15 days period:

Day 1: After breakfast pass to Bishkek to meet "Manas guide with you at the international airport on the day of the rural areas, we we trek to Karasai, the shells are spending the day - Sai local keep the horse in training that is devoted to introduce myself. of us on the road and the village., evening and it has been organized in a tent on.

Day 2: Trek 25-30 km lake Karasai KYR-wide, the round, we camped there. Dinner is configured on the road.

Day 3: After breakfast fun, we are open to various trekking we Kyrgyzstan, the Besh Moinok Yshtyk Canyon began a round of 25-30 km trek to Valley. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Day 4: After breakfast, trek through the valley JALPAK Baralbas Boz, of Canyon, to camp in our time through the Canyon Canyon Yshtyk Yshtyk.

Day 5: We have around, a round in the 25-30 km total, in the afternoon today, Canyon Yshtyk visited the shepherd of a haven for food to camp next KYR • wide valley, I was headed for. Dinner is configured on the road. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Breakfast in the 25-30 km, above, after trekking round Taragay in our camp on the river or on the AK-Белле we Kyrgyzstan wide, through Sai: From day 6.

Day 7: We will dance rough white pass lake 25-30 km Coll • trekking valley lake Jashyl ​​Rocky Top.

Day 8: passing through the charming mountain lake, we have a (3663 m) to 25-30 km Juuku pass round, surround. We have "Big Stone" camp at Valley Juuku Чоне-wide.

Day 9: Today, there are around 25-30 km round in the merge of Juuku Juuku clover and Suu Kyi river and river. We spend time with their shepherd in yurtas here.

Day 10: We trek round in the hot springs we Juuku Jyluu 25-30 miles down the valley where you can enjoy a natural bath of hot sauce us. Dinner is configured on the road.

After breakfast trek to the bridge and soo Blow Bulak Jyluu 25-30 km Chychkan trekking through our valley of the Valley of the rhino - Kyzyl devoicing and the representation of Ishikuishikukuru lake on the road: Day 11. Berukokku camp. A tent overnight.

Day 12: We are 25-30 km to cook and at our next camp in AK-terekskoj trekking, in the valley.

Our round, AK-Терек, loop back to our base camp in Mongu glacier, the AK-Тереке then trekking today for free without having to transfer through the day: 13.

Day 14: After breakfast, Jargylchak trekking and river valley 25-30 Kirokokku Bulak Kindik. A tent overnight.

Day 15: After breakfast, dinner and night keeping warm spa, a private house, we go through the river sary Chung Jargylchak Barskoon Bulak there and back.

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