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Advance base camp is located on the left bank of moraine l. Height of Lenin, of 4400 m. Lenin under the northern slopes of the peak. Here climbers living in a large double bed tent will be issued using the karemat mattress. Dining room is located in the yurt. Security is provided as well as an experienced mountain climber and rescue, the rescue teams climb that consists of an experienced physician. The relationship between the camp is wireless.

Achik-wide, mountain town. This is one of the most popular climbing areas in the world. Located in an area Zaalaysky (Chung  Arai) or in the central border, the highest part, and Tajikistan. Complex shape of the mountain peaks and glaciers of the mighty: Moscow (6716 m), Kyzyl-Agyn (6663 meters), Estonia (6202 m). Highest point of the height of the web site Achik most popular kinds of Lenin peak in ice and patches of ice and snow mountains, 7134 meters of slopes and summit was covered.


Round 005: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

Time: 16 days


Day 1: When we visited the shepherds in the morning, you will have acquainte and traditional life of the Kyrgyz Republic, the adaptation and to make way for some of the journey of the accident amazing. Night is organized in tents Koyun Tang.

Day 2: After breakfast, dinner about 20 kilometers at night that is organized in a way are organized in the tent of AK-Tash valley trekking lake Chatakoru and beautiful AK-wide valley and various

Рабата "AK rhinoceros..

Early morning trekking along the cock and then through Aigyr with AK-Soo Ken wide, 25-35 km of river to river Keltebek Day 3:. Dinner is configured on the road. We camp on Ken Su, surrounded by the mountains of snow.

Round and trekking, to Kensuchi Ichke will be moved to the Kashkara stash in the river and then Chet-SU: Day 4. We were encamped on the river Muzdabas.

Day 5: Muzdabas would have to walk round, we we traveling 35-40 km colonel Bordu Kosh Lake sorrow (3355 m). We spend the night in the lake. A tent overnight.

Day 6: After breakfast, trekking to Coles Kosh Ruver. In the afternoon I will continue to Koiluu Suu Kyi and Uzun Bulak. Dinner is configured on the road. Our camp will be Kaynar river.

Early morning journey of 35-40 km for Suu Kyi Kundu trekking we Koiluu, first class and Ash (3400 m) Day 07:. We Kaynar camp along the river.

Day 8: occupy your time that you spend cleaning up in the morning Kaynar coast, we, please clean it. Day, I accept the trek back to camp for our free travel, and we have not been prepared in the mountains. Dinner is configured on the road.

Trekking Trekking, 35-40 km, dinner in. River bridge is configured on the road to the river we Balyktu river Kaynar Day 9:. We camped on the river bridge.

Day 10: Trekking in front - and then to the river path-batorskoj Lancers Lancers and cross-Batorsky Bridge (3791 m).

We pass flask cock in. transverse (3993 m) was Karakol camp along the river path flask trekking trekking-Batorsky Lancers, we, the cook river Day 11:.

Karakol river river more Djailoo: Day 12. Dinner is configured on the road. Camp before Chakyr Korumupasu.

Day 13: After breakfast fun, we will start the round with Qi Tang river trekking and 35 kg of Colm Chakyr Jurok of Joe Pass (3882 m). A tent overnight.

Tang Qi above trekking pass (4001 m), 30-40 km in the camp of the Company in the Valley Tuzuk: Our Day 14. Dinner is configured on the road. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Kara Sai valley trekking from Tuzuk small rural shepherd: Day 15. Dinner is configured on the road. Evenings are organized at home with his family there.

I pass to the airport for flight Day 16:.

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