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Berueasazu, Jailoo. Can be located in the valley Kegety, serve as a great place for a variety of riding and walking.

Bernstam, Alexander (1910-1956) - Soviet doctor archaeologist, historical science, the river has seven epochs of the ruins of Central Asia  15 to Fergana and Alai Pamir and Tian Shan, from the second millennium development I consider Te. The work was to cover not only the economy of ancient nomads ethnogenesis Bershtama, social system, of Central Asia, the history of art and culture, of inscriptions and coins.

Besh-wide valley (5 stone). Located in the south of Ala-TOO of the northern slopes of the Tarasutarasu. Passing the type of picture sometimes Grove Park, Juniper, are scattered on the slopes. Osman, marina, mass: follow the Besh-Tash river at an altitude of 2997 m depth of turquoise Besh  Moreno reservoir area of ​​28 m wide, 0.5 square kilometers, the road water is turquoise priority rare species. Have been found in the vicinity of many of the marmot. Between the fascinating mountain landscape of unspoilt natural journey.





Round 006: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

Day 9: The period

Transfer by car from the village Barskoon Jyrgalang Day 1:. 150 km: distance. Time :3-4 hours. Equestrian We will meet with your horse. After dinner, you have reached the valley and pass forward Kyzylmoinok, carried along the river of the ram lamb. 7.8 times of the night, but there is a need to cross it in the Valley Archator. 10 km: distance. Time: 2-3 hours.

Archator you start trekking to pass (3649 m) Ashytor Kyzyltor and in the morning: the second day. Dinner is on the road. Local people, very kind, here, I will respond to the shepherd of hospitality. Test the milk of the "mare" mares excited, you, please refer to the legitimacy of the people of Kyrgyzstan. You will spend the night in tents.

You'll be amazed at Pikov Pobeda and Khan Tengri mountain grasp the spirit after breakfast trek to the top of the path: the third day. Dinner is on the road. Valley trekking Uchkungoi then. In the evening, we are planning to submit the dinner.

Trekking in the valley along the river from Uchkungoi Echkilitash Saryjaz Day 4. Here you will find the beautiful mountain lakes and meadows. In the evening, we are planning to submit the dinner. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 5: Start trekking along the river, and then, in the morning will be trekking to the (4001 m) of the first-class pass. O / N in front of the path. 25-30 miles: distance. Time Time :5-6. Dinner is on the road. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 6: In the morning, you will spend the night in tents along the river and Engilchek, you would start the trekking path

first class.

Mountain lake you can see the glacier Engilchek Djailoo and (grassland) - trek to IN: Day 7. Dinner is on the road. All-round you can see the mountains ("Edelweiss") is the national flower of Switzerland pride and colors of our country.

Day 8: Trek along the river and Dunguromo Kaindy, once again, we are shepherds and shepherd of yak here. 25-30 miles: distance. Time Time :5-6. In the evening, we are planning to submit the dinner.

We will start your trek for Pass Kunan village in the morning of Day 9:. In the afternoon I will be trekking back to Barskoon. To absorb water bath. In the evening, dinner is scheduled to be presented on the night of the house.

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