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Splendor of mountain peaks

 Splendor of mountain peak, Tajikistan Tours

Splendor of mountain peaks 

Day 1: Dushabe - Hissor - Dushanbe
Welcome to Tajikistan! Today you will be met by our driver at the airport and then accompany you to Dushanbe. In course of the tour you will drive today 35 km to explore Hissor fortress It is considered that the fortress was erected about 2500 years ago, during the blooming, when the routes of the Great Silk Road passed near Hissor. The remaining remains of fortifications were built in the XVI-XIX centuries. The Hissor fortress in Tajikistan is one of the oldest and largest architectural monuments in Central Asia. There are also other sightseeings: monuments of "Madrasa I Kuhna" (new school of 16th-17th centuries), mosque; the mausoleum. After you will stroll in Botanical garden, covering an area of 400 thousand square meters and Victory Park with a panorama view on the city. Overnight is in a hotel.

Day 2: Dushanbe - Norak - Kalai Khum
The tyour starts today with transferring to Kalai Khum village, a small village on the Pyanj River. Today you will visit Norak water, this reservoir is the largest power plant in Tajikistan and the most powerful hydroelectric power station in Central Asia. You will drive over Shuraba pass (2 267 m), this is will the highest point today.  You are going to transfer along Afghanistan border starts. While travelling you will by inspired by the beauty of magnificent mountains - it is already Territory of Pamir Mountains. All the time Pamir influenced on visitors. And even great explorers such as- Marco Polo, Hsuan Tsang, Mirza Muhammad Haidar, came to admire the magnificent charm. Nowadays you also can to visit this wonderful country. En route you will transfer natural border - Pyanj River. The Pamir is a mountain system, most of which is located in the North-East of the Republic of Tajikistan, it is a real ocean of white and blue mountains. You will spend the night in a home stay and  observe the way of local people's life.

Day 3: Kalai Khum - Khorog
Today you will begin your tour with driving to Khorog, the first city from which the journey along the Great Pamir highway begins. Today Khorog is the real center of Gorny Badakhshan. The trade route from China to Central Asia passes through it, and it is also an indispensable point on tourist routes along the Pamir. 30 thousand people live here. En route to Khorog you will meet Pamir people. Many people mistakenly confuse the locals with the Tajiks and other peoples. They are classified as a group of Iranian peoples who speak the heterogeneous languages of the Eastern Iranian group. The majority of Pamir people practice Islam. Among this people, a high percentage of people with light hair, light skin and blue eyes. The Pamir is not only the highest mountains, but a different definition, like an incomprehensible for the world of plains, a fairy - tale country. The eternal mystery of the "Roof of the world", which is fraught with many legends, remains incomprehensible and attracts humanity. Overnight at the guesthouse.

Day 4: Khorog - Ishkashim
In the morning you will head on to the small village of Ishkashim. Ishkashim-a small village consisting of 3 streets, stretching along the highway along the Pyanj, is the administrative center of the district. The river is formed by the confluence of the Pamir and Vahandarya. The source is located at an altitude of approximately 2817 meters. The Pyanj River flows between Afghanistan, located on the left bank, and Tajikistan (right bank). The village of Ishkashim is located opposite the city of the same name in Afghanistan. Overnight will be at the home stay.

Day 5: Ishkashim - Yashil Kul Lake - Bulunkul Lake
Today you will admire the most charming lakes of the Pamirs are Yashil Kul it is named after the dark green and turquoise color of the water in the lake and Bulunkul (Blue lakes). Lake Yashilkul is located at an absolute height of 3734 m, its mirror area is 36 km2, its length is about 22 km, its width is up to 4.5 km, and its maximum depth is 52 m. The water is clear and transparent; through its thickness you can see a few fish, mainly osman. We are going to spend a night near them. The color of water in Bulunkul less than Yashilkul. There are a lot of water plants, often you can see ducks, geese floating on the surface of the lake, and gulls scurrying over it. Today you will have a chance to observe powerful animal yak. The Yak has a luxurious coat, and the color of these herbivores is often dark brown or black. The entire Yak coat is plain, only on the muzzle there may be light or white spots. En route to the lake your road will be through Koitezak pass (4 271 m). Night will be at the homestay.

Day 6: Bulunkul - Khorog
Today you will head on to Khorog along Pamir Highway, known as M41 Pamir Tract. The Pamir highway is a high-altitude highway built almost a century ago, running along the border of Afghanistan and China, connecting Dushanbe (Tajikistan), Khorog and Osh (Kyrgyzstan). The Pamir highway is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the Pamir peoples, the history of the region, and the spectacular landscapes of the harsh mountains. During the tour you will run over Koitezak pass (4 271 m). This territory is rich with flora and fauna, there live such animals as Turkestan rat, tiger-cat, grizzly bear, badger, stoat, fox, grey and red wolves. The Pamirs raise strong offspring of Marco Polo the ram the largest ram in the world and the red book snow leopard. Night will be in the guesthouse.

Day 7: Khorog - Kalai Khum
You will drive today from Khorog to Kalai Khum the same way as you had before. This territory consists of high mountains that is over 6 000 meters. There only possible to build only one road. Driving through the Pamirs, the visitors have a great chance to be inspired by the beauty of magnificent mountains, fabulous landscapes, but also get to know the ethnography, history and everyday life of mountain inhabitants. En route you will make a stop in small settlements to meet local people and to observe their way of life. Villages are situated on both sides of the river in narrow mountain valleys. On the other side of the river you can observe Afghan stony villages. Night will be spend in the home stay.

Day 8: Kalai Khum - Khoburubot - Dushanbe
Today you will drive to Dushanbe through mountain road. During the tour you will run over high Khoburubot Pass (3 252) known as Western Pamir Tract. You will drive along breathtaking river valley and gorgeous gorges in the surroundings. On the way you will have a chance to admire the magnificent charm of this region and make unforgettable photos of the mountain and rivers. En route you will meet villages and contact with resident of this territory. Tajiks are very hospitable people and can invite you to a tea. Tajiks respect their culture and traditions, as well as their history. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 9: Flight
In the morning is transfer to airport.

02-04 pax - Hyundai Starex
06-08 pax - 2 cars: Hyundai Starex
10 pax - 3 cars: Hyundai Starex 


Price per person:
02 pax - 1300 $
04 pax - 800 $
06 pax - 900 $
08 pax - 745 $
10 pax - 815 $
Single - 80 $

Half board - 120 $
Full board - 240 $

English speaking guide - 780 $ per group


Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
Dushanbe - "Meridians" Hotel 3*
Kalai Khum - Home stays
Khorog - "Lal" Guesthouse
Ishkoshim - Home stays
Bulunkul - Home stays
- Entrances to all museums
- Mineral water during the tour                                            

Service does not include:
- Visa
- Full board
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- GBAO permit
- Travel insurance
- English speaking guide