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Scientists in Kyrgyzstan

Chigu - one hundred II in the face of the nomads. to new and abroad a new era. This field should have (or rather - underwater) archaeo logical studies confirm or refute. It seems that the construction of hypotheses, and then carefully checking it - surely the best way to search for the truth than the mere accumulation of facts of the original, when the researcher does not rely on the hypothesis of a pivotal, and then to the findings, hypotheses or theories arising from the summarized results. While not denying the possibility of going through the second, we have preferable if the first, as more interesting. Even if the facts refute the hypothesis, it will also be a certain solution. For a negative result - a result too. Thus, we hypothesized that found the ruins of the famous city Chigu - I bet substantially ruler drevneusunskogo tribal union in Issyk-Kul (later, as scientists believe, and was called Kunkat Bagkat). On this basis, we are on our first underwater coastal and trophies are regarded as objects of material culture of the capital rate Ry ancient nomadic rulers.
The subsequent discovery - an ancient one another - more and more taken away from us to turn a new era to the beginning of the first millennium BC - the time of fitional bronze and becoming nomadic Scythian tribes in soybeans. It later was replaced by Usun tribal alliance with capital Chigu, absorbed all the elements of the previous culture.