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Round 005: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

Time: 16 days

Day 1: After breakfast, you will learn about the construction and others, visited the shepherd and adaptability, make the operation of some of the practice. You will spend the night in the tent of Koyun Tang.

Valley that is organized in a way, we have for dinner to start trekking 20 km in the lake Chatakoru and beautiful AK-wide and from valley wide-Рабата "AK rhino camp located in AK-wide in the morning: the second day .. You will spend the night in tents.

Ken cock through Aigyr trekking and, along the river AK-variety of 25-35 km to the river and then Keltebek Day 3:. We camp on Ken Su, surrounded by the mountains of snow. Dinner is configured on the road. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 4: Today begins the trek to Ken Su Kyi Chet Ichke, then we go to the river Kashkara variety. We were encamped on the river Muzdabas. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

Trekking, we run 35-40 km colonel Bordu Kosh Lake sorrow (3355 m) from Muzdabas: Day 5. We spend the night in the lake. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

Kohl's Ranch Pradesh trekking Ruver: Day 6. In the afternoon I will continue to Koiluu Suu Kyi and Uzun Bulak. Dinner is configured on the road. You will spend the night in the tent of Kaynar river.

Kundu Suu Kyi for first-class trekking and Ash (3400 m) After breakfast trek 35-40 km to soo Koiluu We Day 7:. Dinner is configured on the road. We Kaynar camp along the river.

Day 8: occupy your time that you spend cleaning up in the morning Kaynar coast, we, please clean it. Day, I accept the trek back to camp for our free travel, and we have not been prepared in the mountains.

Trekking Trekking, 35-40 km, dinner in. River bridge is configured on the road to the river we Balyktu river Kaynar Day 9:. And dinner, suddenly in a tent near the river at the bridge.

Day 10: - to the bridge on the river-batorskoj Lancers, today across the (3791 m), and we will start the trekking path forward-Batorsky cavalry spear. You will spend the night in tents.

Cook dinner in. flask crossing pass (3993 m) is configured on the road trekking trekking path flask-Batorsky Lancers, we, the cook river Day 11:. You will spend the night in the tent of Karakol along the river.

We will trek from the river Djailoo Karakol river in the morning: Day 12. Dinner is configured on the road. Before passing, Chakyr Colm will spend the night in tents.

Day 13: After breakfast fun, we will start the round with Qi Tang river trekking and 35 kg of Colm Chakyr Jurok of Joe Pass (3882 m). Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

Qi Tang on mountain pass (4001 m), we will be trekking in the camp of the Company for the 30-40 Kirobare Tuzuk in the morning: Day 14. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

Day 15: After breakfast, you will build, at home with his family, made the round of trekking from valley of Karasai Tuzuk keep our little rural there.

Day 16: Your Guide will be held at the hotel and transferred to the "Manas" International Airport and then.

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