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 April 2010 The Seventh protesters stormed government buildings in Kyrgyzstan. On that day, near the house of the government killed a central location "ALA-TOO", 90 people, 1500 people were injured during the subsequent riots in the city. As a result of the coup, I handed over the power in the hands of the interim coalition government consisting of the leader of the opposition. Kurumabakiefu former president fled the country.

 Damage to the country, relatives and Kurumabakiefu was ¥ 130 million and $ 6 billion Som was (about 129 million U.S. dollars). (For economic and misconduct) I opened a criminal case 200 at the end of the former president.


Round 006: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

15 days period:

Will guide you to see as "Manas" International Airport will arrive: Day 1. You will be accompanied by Bishkek city. Then we will have a breakfast. After breakfast move to Karasai. We, Kara village - had spent the day at the rhino. On the day of the event, it will be devoted to a better understanding of themselves in the local shepherd in the countryside and training of our horses on the road. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 2: Trek 25-30 km lake Karasai KYR-wide, the round, we camped there. You will spend the night in tents.

We are open to various trekking we Kyrgyzstan, the Besh Moinok Yshtyk Canyon began a round of 25-30 km trek to Valley in the morning: the third day. We have established a base camp here.

Day 4: Through Baralbas Boz JALPAK Canyon valley, to our camp, today there is a trekking round freely without chassis through Yshtyk Canyon in Canyon Yshtyk time.

Day 5: led the canyon Yshtyk to visit the shepherd of a haven for food, for breakfast, in the afternoon, seven in the morning trek 25-30 km, a total camp next KYR-wide valley be submitted at the same time. Dinner is configured on the road. You will spend the night in tents.

Taragay in our camp on the river or on the AK-Белле, 25-30 km trekking, our trekking KYR-TASH through Sai From From Day 6:. You will spend the night in tents.

We will dance rough white pass lake 25-30 km Coll • Jashyl ​​trekking valley lake in the morning Rocky Top: Day 7. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 08: your breakfast will pass through the charming mountain lake, at 7:00 am, and is scheduled to be submitted to the 25 Campaign Juuku pass 30 km of (3663 m). We have "Big Stone" camp at Valley Juuku Чоне-wide. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

Day 9: Today, there are around 25-30 km round in the merge of Juuku Juuku clover and Suu Kyi river and river. We spend time with their shepherd in yurtas here.

Day 10: Breakfast is scheduled to be submitted to the 7 amWe, we'll have trekking round of Hot Springs Juuku Jyluu valley down 25-30 miles you can enjoy a bath of natural hot sauce. Dinner is configured on the road. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Day 11: After breakfast, Kyzyl Jyluu building - Trekking to 25-30 km Chychkan privacy trekking through our valley of devoicing and Blow Bulak valley representation of rhinoceros, of Ishikuishikukuru lake on the road. Berukokku camp. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

Day 12: We are 25-30 km to cook and at our next camp in AK-terekskoj trekking, in the valley. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 13: Your breakfast, ТерекAk is, without having to transfer via a loop back to the base camp in Mongu glacier, the AK-Тереке then will be submitted to our trekking round 7:00 today for free It is expected to Ru. Plans to submit a dinner at 19:00

Day 14: your breakfast is scheduled to be submitted to the 7:00, we trek through the round 25-30 Kirokokku Bulak Kindik Jargylchak through river valleys and Gil. You will spend the night in tents.

We sary rivers of Barskoon, hot bath and go through the Chung Jargylchak Bulak back in the morning: Day 15. You will spend the night in the house.

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