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Kyrgyzstan scientists

Khan fought against it, a luxury unheard of, but nick Kia gifts could not persuade the girl to him before the proposition. Finally, Khan chose not to stand on ceremony, and the strength to take what fruitlessly sought gifts. He footnotes wa came to her, promising to love everything, even freedom. Belle remained adamant. Khan rushed to the de vushke, but it quickly turned out the open window and jumped into the abyss of the gorge, above which stood the palace. At the same moment wavered walls, collapsed arches, dip poured dark castle of the old khan of all the gorges gushing water. She arrived and was coming up as long as no more flooded the valley.
PP Semenov decided to check out the stories Kyrgyz Issyk-Kul on disappeared under the water structure tions. The place where the ruins are visible, in his opinion, was the underwater extension of the Cape of Kara-Bulun, anyway - in the eastern part of the shallow lake. They inspected the archaeological Nachod ki, made waves at this point, Semenov relative forces not to Usun period, and to the later - the Mongolian, the XIV and XV centuries. And he was right. In his hands were really discoveries relating to the Mongol-Timurid period. But there were items found and earlier - Saka-Usun period, as determined scientist himself.
Noting all this, Semenov asked: where is all the same could reside Usuns rate, which Rui Chinese chroniclers called Chiguchen, ie, "Guo kind of red valley"? Usuns, according to him, "Leave were undisputed owners of the basin of Issyk-Kul ', at least for five centuries and left' sa mye ancient objects of the emitted waves of Issyk-Kul '.
As presented in the light of Usuns Semenov scientific knowledge? All of the knowledge of scholars of that time were based on Usuns only on the information the Chinese annals of this ¬. Archaeological excavations Usun sites had not yet produced tangible evidence, and Neu cultural practice was not, except for scattered chance finds.