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Kyrgyzstan legends

The essence of the legend was to ensure that on-site before the lake was crowded with a vast plain and bo gatymi cities. In the main square of one of the cities Dov was a well, which is closed for the night band lotoy cover. Once in love with a girl (in another embodiment, the three pilgrim) had forgotten to do it.
The rising in the well water is poured on the sleep of b. In one night at his place of creating Lake Issyk-Ex Kul.
More than just a romantic version of the listener impressed by the legend, recorded and later published by his son, the old-timer Przhevalsk - known region Veda Frenkel Korolkova Boris.
In ancient times there was a city, over which on top of a steep mountain towered castle. He belongs to pressed the old Khan, who was distinguished by cruelty. Despite old age, Khan was lust. Once the news reached him that a poor family kochevni ka girl is fabulous. Not a nice match to the brave laid your head for the beautiful, but the marriage proposal she replied to all that he loves another. And she did not know his Beloved lennogo. Once awake or asleep before it came on a white horse, handsome, brave, took off his ring from his hands, and putting it on her finger, said: "I'll be back soon. Kohl CH never take off and while you have it, no no happiness you will not be affected. "
When the envoys of the Khan came to her with rich gifts, and offered to marry him, she secretly went to the mountains, hoping to meet again wonderfully the rider. And only then did she notice that the per topmast gone with her hands. She decided to return him. No sooner had the fugitive to reach home, grabbed her armed horsemen.