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 Since that time, will be held in the current period, certain common operations, the implementation of important projects of bilateral and multilateral areas, was conducted. For example, you can create a bilateral commission for Talas Fergana Valley project ZHEF, SPECA project of IWRM, and Chu.

 Implementation process of the project area has shown the need for a major role in promoting cooperation and collaboration. However, the key to a positive result of a joint project with a successful relationship, the desire of the state to reach consensus and mutual consideration of the interests of each other. Important regional collaborative project above, the results of the request to consider the interests of the country level, in preparation for a reasonable compromise with the neighbors, completed or not completed are shown.





Round 003: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

8 days period:


Day 1: After breakfast, we will transfer (3800 m) pass Barskoon Arabel settlement was established on the first day of the branch of the Silk Road. You will need 2-3 hours to cover the 55 km. Upon arrival, we'll get used to travel within 3 hours of fine horses and in 2 Suyek Pass (4028 m). A tent overnight.

Day 2: In the morning, start trekking through the valley of the top Cholok-Rocky River Crossing Taragay Suyek. 25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6. In the evening, we are planning to submit the dinner. A tent overnight.

Day 3: After breakfast, we Cholok-Top Rocky River Kara - Canyion of Yshtyk - start trekking round of the Valley of the rhino. Dinner. 25-30 km: distance. Time Time :4-5. At noon I will have a meal. A tent overnight.

Trekking round at the beginning of the canyon to canyon Yshtyk AK-Shyyrak: Day 4. 40 km: distance. Time Time :5-6. In the evening, we are planning to submit the dinner. A tent overnight.

Day 5: After breakfast, we start trekking round the beautiful valley of the river Baralbas. After dinner, in addition to camping trekking round the back.

Day 6: In the morning Canyon AK-Shyyrak begins to pass through the crossing the river many times. You will have a meal at noon and shepherd of the family. Rhino - Kara and valleys Kyrtash travel. In the evening, we are planning to submit the dinner. A tent overnight.

Valley Kumtor - trekking to the AK-Αελλ (3833 m) and the rhinoceros - Kara Bridge Day 7:. I'm supposed to Taragay river overnight. Dinner is on the road. 40 km: distance. Time time :6-7. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.

Day 08: After breakfast fun begin, we ballet Maitor please split it up into a round of our trekking from Taragay. Distance: it means that you will cover 15-20 miles, it takes 2-3 hours for you, you will be transported by car to the village Barskoon. After that, you will have a great potential that is floating in a local hot spring water. In the evening I am going to spend the night in a handy little private hotel trying to eat.



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