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Time of year and climate

Kyrgyzstan is the country of unpredictable weather, sun is bright and strong here. During the tour in the mountains our guests used to the change of weather as right there you can see how fast weather can change. At the same time as higher you get, the colder it becomes. Kyrgyzstan is located for from great seas, in the very heart of mountains, with abundance of rivers and lakes.

Spring starts in March, and as you travel here you should now that in the mountains this time moves actually to April due to the height. In spring weather is snowy and rainy still, with further change to hot and sunny weather. At the same time weather is comfortable here due to the absence of winds - mountains do not let them come here. Spring is known for the temperature of +9 °C (50 °F) to +23 °C (74 °F). During the tour you can use the rent a car service and make sure of such a change of weather.

Then comes the summertime in the middle of May. It is hot and comfortable for tours in the mountains as temperature gets +28 °C (83 °F) +30 °C (86 °F).

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Autumn starts with September rains. It can be rather cold this time of the year, so make sure you have all needed clothes before starting to travel here. Temperature can be But higher in the mountains it is not so hot about +25 °C (77 °F), +9 °C (78 °F), -2 °C (28 °F).

One of the coldest times of the year is winter - as in most of the countries. The higher in the mountains you get the colder in becomes and more difficult it becomes to travel there. Winter in Kyrgyzstan is known to of temperature as about +4 °C (39 °F), -7 °C (20 °F), -15°C. Even in the city temperature can be lower, about -30°C.