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Each country has its own traditions and rituals that show the history and richness of the culture which we will be glad to show you during our tours in Kyrgyzstan. Our article will help you get a feel for the atmosphere of Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz people. With the help of our car rentals, your trip will be as comfortable as possible and you will have time to visit all the picturesque places of our beautiful country. Let's talk about wedding rituals!

Weddings are one of the most important life events for Kyrgyz people. In most cases, it is the obligation of parents to marry their sons. Wedding ceremonies and customs in Kyrgyzstan developed over centuries and were influenced by Soviet and Western factors in the twentieth century. In addition, wedding rituals in Kyrgyzstan differ by region. The presence of Uzbek wedding customs can be felt in the south, where Kyrgyzstan borders Uzbekistan.

There are several customs and ceremonies associated with Kyrgyz weddings during tour. When parents find a suitable girl, they wear earrings to her even if they are small children, according to a custom known as "soiko saluu." When the children reach maturity, they may or may not marry. To see off their daughter, the parents hold a "kyz uzatuu" (farewell) ceremony. Before the wedding, the Muslim ritual of nikah (Muslim marriage) must be performed after the bride enters the groom's home. For this reason, a moldo (mullah) arrives and reads a prayer before asking a couple if they agree to marry. The nikah ceremony is attended by the groom's parents and eyewitnesses.

There's also the "kalym" (ransom) tradition, in which the groom's side pays a ransom to the bride's side. The amount of kalym varies by area and is determined by the wealth of the parents. The bride's family reacts by preparing "sep" (dowry) for their daughter. Fresh clothes, blankets, pillows, carpets, chairs, and household appliances are now included in the dowry. Arriving in Kyrgyzstan, renting a car and choosing our company, you can witness such celebrations and we are sure that you will be delighted with what you see!