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New country, new culture, history, and attractions before going on a tour of Kyrgyzstan, let's take a look at its overview. To date, tours in Kyrgyzstan are carried out by various travel agencies that conduct interesting tours, and you should familiarize yourself with them before you start your trip.

Travel agencies in our country have extensive experience in conducting tours and their work is very responsible and important. They will be able to tell you how to go to the country, make a trip, go on a tour, and enter the country and how to leave it.

We take our work with special responsibility, enjoy it and are ready to organize tours around the country, where we will meet you with love and, of course, hospitality. You can rent a car and see many beautiful places and enjoy their views. Our tours may differ in the level of complexity and places that you want to visit.

Four-wheel drive cars are something that usually appeals to tourists and visitors to the country. With these cars, you can go anywhere in the country, whether it is the most remote, enjoy the views and landscapes of the mountains. Since our country is mountainous, it will allow you to see all the wild places of nature. We advise you to rent a car as a jeep, as these cars are able to drive on an engraved and muddy road, mountain passes without problems.

You can enjoy mountain walks, trekking or horseback riding, as the terrain of the country allows it, and most of the country is covered with mountains. You will be interested in how people live high in the mountains, learn their way of life. You will be able to experience the hospitality of the country, learn many new places, visit the locals and rent a car. In tours, nights are spent either in guest houses or in yurts. In the first you will be able to feel comfort, and in the second you will learn how the nomads lived. If your night is in a Yurt, then your dinner will also be in it. On these tours, the toilets are located outside. And they rarely meet with showers. As soon as you contact us, we will organize an international tour of the country with beautiful sights and provide you with a complex of services.