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Nomadic drinks of the people of Kyrgyzstan

Traditional Kyrgyz drinks were relied upon by nomads traversing mountains, valleys, and steppes. In this case, the drinks are both nutritious and enjoyable. They're also both healthy and natural. A tour to Kyrgyzstan via car rental would be completed without trying some of the native drinks.

It is produced from mare's milk and is highly prized by Kyrgyz. Mares produce milk in around 1.5 hours during lactation. This drink is served in leather containers and bags in the desert. Many people associate the kymyz's characteristics with a certain amount of vitamins, in addition to its flavor.

Maksym and Jarma
Maksym is commonly cooked in oil with flour and talkan (wheat grain). Travelers may observe how locals add water, salt, and cook cereals for a specific amount of time before leaving them to cool for around 10 hours as part of the tour. Jarma is a nutritious spice that may be consumed hot or cold and has a lot of nutrients. Drink it as well if you're thirsty.

Another traditional cow's milk drink is Airan. This drink includes helpful microorganisms. You can observe the process of fermenting milk if you rent a Lexus LX470 in Kyrgyzstan and go on a tour. This is a fantastic drink for relieving your thirst.

Ak serke
Another popular beef broth drink is ak serke. To make the "preparation," combine one liter of chicken broth with one teaspoon of salt. Allow the water to warm up before starting. Hungry visitors to Kyrgyzstan who rent a car may end up devouring it and forgetting about their hunger.

Due to the huge number of components, Bozo is one of the most complex drinks to make. Millet, maize, wheat, and rice are natural food chain components that can be consumed. Locals may choose between two varieties of bozo: strong and light, both of which are mild and delicious. When on a tour or renting a car in Kyrgyzstan, however, anyone can do as they want. 

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