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Horse riding travel

Kyrgyzstan horse riding: Tour 01
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Horse riding
Duration: 8 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chong Kyzyl Suu - gorge Kitchi Kyzyl Suu - gorge Ashu-Kashka Suu - Lake Kashka-Suu - river Kumtor - Chokoli Lakes - Bishkek  

If you are a big fan of  horseback riding we would love to present you this tour. The rout runs through spectacular gorges and impressive mountain ridges between crystal transparent lakes in the heart of the Celestial mountains. Here, being so far from hectic civilization you will realize what true value of your life is.


Kyrgyzstan horse riding: Tour 02
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Horse riding
Duration: 7 days 

Places to visit: Bishkek - Gorge Jukutshak - gorge Ashu-Kashka Suu - Lake Kashka-Suu - Arabel Suu - Chokoli Lakes - Bishkek  

Nomads cannot imagine their lives without a horse and that is why on Kyrgyz people value the traditions connected with horses. This horseback  riding tour will help you to understand what it is like to be a nomad. You will spend in the saddle many hours visiting famous alpine Issyk Kul lake and delighting our celestial mountains. You are going to feel complete freedom here in our hospitable country.


Kyrgyzstan horse riding: Tour 03
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Horse riding
Duration: 8 days 

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - gorge Kitchi Kyzyl Suu - Lake Kashka-Suu - river Kumtor - Arabel Suu - Chokoli Lakes - Bishkek

We will be happy to present you a horseback riding tour. Kyrgyzstan is an amazing country of  heavenly mountains, free nomads and celestial horses. The best is to bring them together and have the best holidays in our life. You will ride a horse among the renowned Tien Shan Mountains where it is still possible to encounter real nomads! During this tour you will visit our a celebrated alpine lake Issyk Kul pure and salty as girls tears and warm as her heart. Visit Kyrgyzstan and immensely enjoy your holidays!