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 Trade and economic relations between the countries of the East and the West was between the civilization of the world in the Middle Ages and antiquity, that there was a network Great Silk Road, the road as the title preliminary - Rome and the (Byzantine) Han (China empire) language.

 Once upon a time, began its journey from the edge of a new era of Chanyani caravans from China, I went to Dukhua - border town of the Great Wall. North and South: Directions from here, the following two methods are different.

 In the Fergana valley (Davan), Central Asia, Mesopotamia (Samarkand, measure), then lower itself - then, "The Way of the North" is carried out in the south slope of Tianshan and Tarim, and Turpan Kashgar led to Arai became - (by muscle China Lixian) north of the Black Sea region and the Volga. It ended with the local Greek colony. This road was not a trade route has been established.





Round 001: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

14-day period:


It is transferred to the city of Bishkek upon arrival of the "Manas" airport: Day 1. After that, we shall be staying at the hotel after meal. You will be forwarded to the (above sea level. To 1900 m) the valley Konkemin noon. Your dinner will be submitted at 19:00, the evening has been organized at the hotel.

Day 2: Breakfast, Klevera-Suu valley and the river in the morning (trek starting point, 2.000 m), which is scheduled to be presented at 7:00 on treks to Chong Kemin in •. Dinner is configured on the road. Suu Kyi love clover valley trekking down (2350 m. 6-7 hours) to. A tent overnight.

Trekking to the Valley of the river carp Cholpon • • Suu Kyi Kitagawa Ata (2550 m, 6 hours) at Day 3. Your dinner will be submitted at 19:00, the evening has been organized in a tent.

Day 4: Camp under the glacier (3.000 m, 3-4 hours), and your breakfast is scheduled to be submitted to the trek to AK-Suu River Northern Cholpon-ATA Western 7:00. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Day 5: After breakfast fun, we started the trek to the valley of the river west of the AK-Chung-AK-Suu Kyi (3066 m, 6-7 time) through (4 054 m) AK-Suu pass you. Dinner is configured on the road. A tent overnight.

Day 6: Your breakfast is scheduled to be submitted to trek through 7:00 Chung-AK-Suu river (375 m 2, 4:00 am) valley. A tent overnight.

Day 7: We will move down to the canyon trekking Grigor'evka Chung-AK-Suu valley. Built in the Soviet era, transfer about north bank Ishikuishikukuru lake in the area of ​​Blanc • Sogotu One of the largest hotel is located in Ishikukuru, of Aurora hotel Ishikukuru is reminiscent of the era of the end of history and architecture (kg was 160). Evenings are organized at the hotel. (1609 m).

Remaining days: day 8. Ishikuishikukuru with the rest of the Lake, a floating leisure. Arrangement in the Hotel Aurora Isidore quoted.

Day 9: at a distance of 300 km from (Blanc-Sogotu 7:00 Syna-KUL ~ lake transfer, breakfast will be submitted (3250 m), 6-7 slew Kalmak • Ash Kochkor village and lake to lake Ishikuishikukuru time). Dinner is configured on the road. Your dinner is expected to be submitted to the arrangement at 19:00 yurtas.

Day 10: about 5-6 hours, breakfast is scheduled to submit a trekking at 7:00 along the east and south sides of the Syna-KUL round the northern coast. Evenings are organized in a tent.

Day 11: Trekking down the south coast of the northern coast east of the lake, about 5-6 hours. Place the free time at the lake. Dinner is configured on the road. I go to the lake and the rest. Placement is tent.

Day 12: Through the Kochkor path to Bishkek (365 km). Along the way, please visit • Burana Tower (11th century), the rest of the morning Callahan empire in Central Asia. Your dinner will be submitted at 19:00, the night is made up "AK-Keme" of the hotel (800 meters).

Day 13: Breakfast, is scheduled to be presented at 7:00 on the morning of things to do in Bishkek investigation. Round and attractions. Museum visits, market, gift shop. Resort. Dinner and dinner in the city. Your dinner will be submitted at 19:00, the evening has been organized by "AK-Keme" of the hotel.

Day 14: In the morning your guide will be returned to the "Manas" International Airport.


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