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Baetova. District center to 120 km AK-Talaa, from Nalin Baetova, the variety and the son-KUL - Lake is located on the road between Rabat. The road is very bad.

Baytik Kanayev (1820-1886 GG) - Salt Manap hereditary type, Chui valley. One of the leaders of the struggle against the oppression of Kokando  Han. It is the beginning of the year 1860, came under the auspices of the Russian is the strength of the people who were placed in a nickname and courage. "The Batyr". He was the head of the union that has been approved by the tribe of salt 1862. Bishkek Rahmatullo Baytik Batyr is resented as a rule known in Russia and Kokando implacable enemy, was killed the governor of Kokando. I took part in the capture of several other Russian troops and Merka 200 dzhigits, Aulie-ATA, and Chymkenta. Kokando fortress. His services royal authority has been very much appreciated. He obtained the rank of captain in the Russian Army was commissioned by the Ring of Honor awarded third degree caftan Stanislav , and the gold medal in the band of Ann

Round 001: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

14-day period:

Arrived at the "Manas" International Airport I will meet your guides: Day 1. You will be accompanied by Bishkek city. Thereafter, we will be with breakfast with the rest. You will be transported to the Konkemin valley (1900 m above sea level.) Dinner at noon, is a traditional hotel overnight.

Day 2: After breakfast, Klevera-Suu Valley Чоном-Kemin river (1 hour) (trek starting point, 2.000 m) with the engine. Dinner is configured on the road. Suu Kyi love clover valley trekking down (2350 m. 6-7 hours) to. Dinner and overnight is in tents.

Day 3: After breakfast, trekking round the valley of the river Northern Koi Suu River Cholpon-ATA (2550 meters, 6 hrs.) Of. Dinner and overnight is in tents.

Morning trek to camp under the West Cholpon • AK-Suu Ata Kitagawa, glacier (3.000 m, 3-4 hours) of Day 4.

Day 5: After breakfast fun, we started the trek to the valley of the river west of the AK-Chung-AK-Suu Kyi (3066 m, 6-7 time) through (4 054 m) AK-Suu pass you. Dinner is configured on the road.

Day 6: After breakfast, through the strengthening of the valley, Chung-AK-Suu river (. 4:00 2 375 m, am) trekking. Dinner and overnight is in tents.

Day 7: Today we start trekking in the valley of the Grigor'evka Chung-AK-Suu valley. Built in the Soviet era, transfer about north bank Ishikuishikukuru lake in the area of ​​Blanc • Sogotu One of the largest hotel is located in Ishikukuru, of Aurora hotel Ishikukuru is reminiscent of the era of the end of history and architecture (kg was 160). Dinner at the hotel (1609 m).

Day 8: You will have a day of rest. Ishikuishikukuru with the rest of the Lake, a floating leisure. It is enclosed in Aurora Isidore dinner and overnight.

Day 9: (at a distance of 300 km from Blanc-Sogotu, through the (3250 m) 6-7 hours and Kalmak • Ash Kochkor village) Lake Lake Ishikukuru after breakfast transfer capability of the Syna-KUL lake to lake. Dinner is configured on the road. Dinner and overnight is in yurtas.

Trekking, about 5-6 hours along the east and south sides of the north coast round Syna-KUL: Day 10.

Day 11: about 5-6 hours, today, we start the descent of the northern shore of the lake in the south of the east coast. Place the free time at the lake. Dinner is configured on the road. I go to the lake and the rest. Dinner and overnight is in tents.

Day 12: Through the Kochkor path to Bishkek (365 km). Along the way, please visit • Burana Tower (11th century), the rest of the morning Callahan empire in Central Asia. Hotel arrangement "AK-Keme" (800 meters).

Day 13: After breakfast, amplification, and a trip to Bishkek. You, visit museums, Toichiba and a gift shop. Resort. Located in the AK-Keme "hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 14: Departure to home today.

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