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 In a meadow of Edelweiss is located in the Achik stash tube, the starting point for climbing seventhousander, you can get a panoramic view of mountainous terrain.

Achik-wide. Highland exit in the southeast Valley, Kochkor, KEL-Ukok Sava Lake ("Lake of the chest"). From the top of the panoramic views of the lake gate Ishikukuru Tang.

Hillfort Ashpara. I am located on the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in the region northwest of the state Chui village Chaldybar Panfilov. I refers to the age 6.12. I is based on its name written source of the century, September 14. There are a lot of objects made of clay, stone, iron, bronze, bone and here. Of interest, this was confirmed that it has made efforts to strengthen Ashpary consignment of Timur (Tamerlane).


Round 007: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

8 days period:

And your "Meat Bishkek Manas guide you and pass After dinner, the evening there is a survey of tourist attractions are organized at the hotel to have a rest and breakfast located in the International Airport Day 1:..

Karakol to the engine in the morning: the second day. A survey of the afternoon (Dungan and mosques Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church) sights. Are organized in a small hotel in the evening, so Karakol.

Changes in (Uazik) Karakol Russian military 4WD vehicle bus to the engine in the early morning: the third day. Then I went to the south along the valley of the river Karakol. As between the beautiful mountain valley of Karakol, however, 4WD military truck to transfer the trail fascinating aired through the mechanism of wood trees. In the next stage of the trek, do a trip to meet -KUL valley of trees in a tree of fur. In the evening I was held in a tent (2800 m) Camp orphaned.

Day 4: After breakfast proceed, trek to the valley receives the height gradually. I will be forwarding Alakol today. Dinner on the lake. It is located at the height of 3 532 meters above sea level. Because the length of 700 m diameter and 2.3 miles, which takes water from the thawing glaciers and turn to a beautiful waterfall at the other end. Today, we also, from trekking through the (3860 m) wing of Pasukuru, trekking down to Keldike mountains. And dinner, suddenly in a tent Keldike valley (3200 m).

Early morning tour to the Valley Altun-Arashan: Day 5. Artin Arashan hot springs and known as "Gold Source" Kirghiz sulfur and its natural healing. Free time to visit the spa and leisure. Dinner is configured on the road. Night is organized in (2600 m) wooden shed.

Day 6: After breakfast, trekking to the main road. I have met a car. I pass to the mountain road to Karakol very impressive. Arrive in Karakol. Convenient switching bus air-conditioned car. Go to the Cholpon • Ata. Please relax in the lake in the afternoon. In the evening a small hotel has hosted.

After breakfast transfer to Bishkek Day 7:.

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Best tour in Kyrgyzstan
The best tours in Kyrgyzstan
The best tour in Kyrgyzstan
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Best tour to Kyrgyzstan
The best tours to Kyrgyzstan
The best tour to Kyrgyzstan
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