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 After independence in 1991, the city's name has been changed in the Ishikukuru, causing confusion, Balykchy in 1992 - was named ("salmon" fish). Bishkek is the terminus of the railway line from here, not only in China, turning the highway, connecting the northern and southern shores of the lake Ishikukuru

 3 km, we parked the old plateau related to Mousterian period from the southern coast of Ishikukuru Balykchy - Boz Barmak is (40000000-100 years ago).

Few centuries village bar Bulak, the VIII-XII. The hotel is located 1.5 km to the southeast of the village of the same name. Based on the remains, it is one of the largest settlements of Ishikukuru. Located in the favorable geographical location, the city played an important role in the southwestern part of the region Ishikukuru.

KYR ruler formed on top of the Yenisey River, - bar  Bay (711 GG from 675). It was after to pursue an independent foreign policy, military head antityurkskih was formed Torukokanate second. In order to protect the interests of the Yenisei Kyrgyz, Babei has signed an alliance with the Chinese Empire of Tang tribe, Torukokanate, friendly neighborhood. Killed during the attack of a group of Turkey.





Round 004: Kyrgyzstan Round

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Action: trekking round

13 days period:

You will be transported to Gulcho to move (170 km) drive from 3 hours in the morning: the first day. Moves through the (2400 m) path Chiyrchyck. Dinner is configured on the road. In the afternoon, I arrived in the village Chona Karakol. Please check the package and bag horse. Short journey through the path Chagyr. Dinner and overnight Kyzyl - Arai has become a tent.

Day 2: Today Kyzyl - Grants Arai, fur-tree repeatedly, the juniper, the mountains and through the woods, we trek round trip along the river. The night before the path Agachart. Dinner and overnight is in tents.

Day 3: Today begins across the (3700 m) path Agachart. After crossing the path expression can see Arai mountain surprising. Clover Suu valley trekking through Taldyk reach. Dinner and overnight is a tent on the banks of the river.

Day 4: After breakfast fun, we started a round of trekking along the valley from Taldyk Clover Suu Kyi. After two hours of driving, you'll spread of Lenin peak from the east of the Pamir mountains of both Arai Arai • people, to the west, is surprised by the almost 100 km passing through your plateau. Pamir mountain range of about 20 miles • Arai. Dinner is configured on the road. You will be able to display a range of huge glaciers and peaks of Lenin clearly.

Dinner in the tent, in the valley overnight Balykjuugan: to a small lake, and continue to move from Paradise Farm, on the north side Dark Red

Day 5: Today we trek round the valley near Clover Suu Kyi, to transfer the very farm in the mountains, through a small path. Dinner and overnight is in tents Korumduu Chukur.

Day 6: In order to use the sauna, Turkish bath, you will spend at the house of a local, this day, you will test the rural life of the mountain, which has been concentrated in the center of the industrial animal. Dinner and overnight is in the house of a local.

Day 7: Gol and start the trek, we sary village Kyzyl you in the morning - across the river will be large (and sometimes on the bridge) Aung San Suu Kyi. Trekking through Scarlett arrived on the farm Kyzylsky Tyryk plateau. Dinner is configured on the road. Shepherd a farm or in a tent - parking and night family dinner.

Day 8: arriving at the mountain lake in the morning that your Tulpar Coles, there, start a round of horse trekking to Turuk step. Dinner on the lake. From a trip to the valley again IST-Sajde base camp of Lenin in the afternoon, to (3600 meters).

Day 9: Trek to your round today, starting from base camp to Lenin. Journey to the (3600 m) the first camp. Leaving the horse, here starts the trek to the foot of his (3700 m) near the second camp. Dinner and overnight is in tents.

Day 10: Today is the trek from the base camp of Lenin, you will be returned to the Gol sary village on the west side of the mountain Arai. Dinner is configured on the road. Sary village for dinner and overnight is in tents Gol.

Come back in the : Day 11. Staying at the hotel, relax, I have a dinner.

Day 12: Today, we arrived back to Bishkek.

I finally arrived in Bishkek ash to be transported Chychkan canyon, to wing from Toktogul Bell Suusamyr you even in the morning, and • Kara Balta, Day 13:. Will require 7.6 hours per village is very good.

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